Flag of Divinialism

Divinialism, also known as Divinicism, Divinalism and as Divinism, is a political-spiritual and philosophical current that seeks to make human societies appear the maximum possible as how would divine societies look like, mainly focused on the spiritual freedoms of the people and in the technological development of human societies based on divinotechnology, psiontecnology, spiritotechnology, techno-quantum purity and in other concepts of Extrapsy.png Extraphysicism and Psy.png Psionicism.

Divinialism supports that all kinds of property should be shared and people should focus on their own divinity, making divinialism be considered as the divine form of Soul.png Soulism.

On the political and social issue, divinialism supports that people should be connected with the divine and with their own divinity, and focus on the massive development of divinotechnologies and divinialism based technologies, as a way to reach the divine more rapdily and turn people into divine beings by technological ways.


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