Flag of Divinialist Extraphysicist Quantumist Soulism

Divinialist Extraphysicist Quantumist Soulism, also known as DEpQS, DEQS or as DivExphyQuanSoulism is an off-compass lib-left unity ideology, that seeks to unite Divinalism-icon.png divinialism, Extrapsy.png extraphysicism, Quantum.png quantumism and Soul.png soulism as an unique ideology. DEQS understands that all four ideologies are just one ideology where they are different steps of the main ideology, soulism.

DEQS advocates that the first step is the abolition of the physical laws, then the second is the full access to the quantum potential of everything for possibility the freedom of the matter, like with the techno-quantum purity and the quantum matter purity, the third one is the abolition of matter itself, where all matter become extramatter or better saying, materialized spiritual energy that can become non-materialized at will, and the last step is becoming full divine, in other words, having the full access to its divine potential and being able to control everything, such as the whole existence this one are. DEQS also advocates the complete acceleration to technology for seek the way of soulism to quantumism then extraphysicism then divinialism in its shortest time as possible, and when divinialism is reached, people can finally be free of all forms of oppression and finally be free for do whatever they want, besides having their empathy and sensitivity completely unlocked and being able to literally be gods, divine beings and highly evolved beings completely free from all forms of oppression.


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