Flag of Existential Soulism

Existential Soulism is a soulist ideology that seeks to unite the maximum currents as much possible about the existential issue on soulism and solve several existential issues inside soulism.

Existential soulism is characterized for advocate the idea that all living beings have a conscience-spirit, some more developed and some less developed, where this conscience-spirit does not die even after the mortal body of the being die, and it might return to the extraphysical plane or return for have more experience, everything depends of the conscience-spirit of each one.

Existential soulism also advocates that the better way to become into a higher level of being, the physical level must be abolished and become extraphysical, so, involving extraphysical soulism (Extrapsy.png Extraphysicism) there. Where having a materialized extraphysical body using advanced technology is the best way for do so, or, if possible, transcend into the extraphysical place by natural ways.

Existential soulism also tries to analyses the social structures in an existentialist way, where the being (individual) and the collective united as one is the most important things of the whole existence, united with the joy and happiness of each one.

Existential soulism also advocates that people must become like highly evolved beings in the shortest time possible, using technology and mass mobilization for do so. It also advocates a full soulist economy where everything is stewardship, personal property might exist, since everyone can get a house and good living conditions.

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