Extraphysicism, also known as extraphysicalism, is an intellectual movement, that unites elements of soulism and transhumanism, seeking the evolution of mankind by extraphysical ways, using of technologies based on extraphysics for the evolution of humanity, such as psiontechnology, spiritotechnology, divinotechnology and technoquantum purity.

Flag of Extraphysicism

Even considered opposite of transhumanism, extraphysicism is considered as a rebel version of transhumanism that seeks extraphysical evolution, even having some people considering extraphysicism as an advanced stage of transhumanism where it gets into soulism.

Extraphysicism is considered as an advanced stage of soulism, where basically besides laws of physics are abolish, matter is also abolished, everything must be extraphysical and all technology must be focused on extraphysics, and all people and robots-androids must go to the extraphysical level, using technology for do so.

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