Flag of Quantumism

Quantumism is an intellectual and spiritual movement that seeks on the full development of quantum physics and quantum mechanics for the advancement of the humankind on the quantum issue. Quantumism is subdivided into two main currents Techno-Quantumism, that is about techno-quantum issues, and Mystical Quantumism, that is about the mystical part of quantum mechanics.

Quantumism is considered as the quantum version of Soulism.

Quantumism supports the acceleration on the quantum mechanics, accelerating the studies on the quantum issues. Mainly on the production of quantum equipment and quantum technologies. Quantumism also supports philosophical analysis on the quantum mechanics, focusing on discover all secrets of the quantum mechanics on the philosophical issues, creating quantum philosophy.

Quantumism also supports that we can integrate quantum mechanics into all spheres of life, allowing me to mix and confuse it with as the mystical quantumism do or have a secular approach of those things, similar to what Monteir.png Monteirism does. But the majority line inside quantumism supports that quantum physics and spirituality are separated things that integrate each other but they do not mix themselves, such as spiritual issues and material issues.

On the social issue, quantumism supports that all the people can use quantum mechanics for produce technologies, theories and philosophies, since it is not like New Ageism does. People can think about techno-quantum products, quantum technologies, pure quantum materials and etc. And even focusing on turn their bodies into quantum matter purity, for both, people and robots-androids.

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