Quarkism is an ideology who tries to establish a paradise for science. It fanatically believes in science, wants to accelerate technical progress as fast as it possibly can and at the same time offer to its citizens a safe, simple and good life.

Political Organization

Quarkist Political Structure

In a Quarkist government, the government is made of a group of experts in their respective ministery ( Like in a Technocracy.png Technocracy ) who have the mandatory duty to listen to the citizen's opinions trough an internet - based political platform ( Like in a E-Democracy.png cyber democracy ) . The ruler, named " First Speaker " , don't have actual power. His duty, when elected, is to execute the orders that comes from the consensus between the experts and the direct referendum.

Economic Organization

In a Quarkist economy, private enterprise is permitted but faces strong regulation to ensure public safety. State industry exists for national resources such as electricity, metal, oil and water. Taxation is flat, meaning that both the poor and the rich contributes to the taxes. Welfare is totally absent, but school is completely free, from elementary to university. Universal healthcare is also applied. Only the people who accomplish something great can have subsidies ( Like in a Merit.png meritocracy ) .

Societal Organization

In a Quarkist society, progressivism and conservatism are mixed. Spirituality of all kinds is prohibited ( Like with Stateath.png state atheism ) . All addictive substances, such as hard drugs, cannabis, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are strongly forbidden. There is no additional rights for certains genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, families or other specific individuals. That means that even if the majority isn't advantaged, the minorities aren't too, to ensure true equality. Police itself doesn't exist, but agents are hired to give fines to the outlawers based on how much losses their crime caused.

Personality and Behaviour

Quarkismball is pretty pragmatic, relentless, orderely, rational, intelligent and takes every opportunity to counter a argument with deadly logic. Pessimistic, it always looks for the future to try to predict what's coming and to prepare to this, because, for it, not planning is a great flaw. Really auster, hates spending money and tries to do the most out of the least. Asexual, horrified by anything related to sex. Anti - theist, judge severely anyone with the slightest spiritual belief. Physicalistic, believing only the science proved facts. Always tries to be devil's advocate.

he loves cheese

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How to Draw

Logo to use to make the Quarkismball

  1. Draw a ball
  2. Draw in the center a black ( #000000 ) vertical - oriented regular hexagon
  3. Link with black ( #000000 ) lines every opposite corners
  4. Draw an upside down black ( #000000 ) triangle from the two upper corners to the extreme bottom one
  5. Fill the top right triangle with cyan ( #00b5ff ) and the one at the left with dark grey ( #505050 )
  6. Alternate between cyan ( #00b5ff ) and dark grey ( #505050 ) on every triangle
  7. Fill the background with cyan ( #00b5ff )
  8. Draw the eyes and you're done !


Quarkism is not really hateful for other ideologies because of it's universal free speech policy, but 99 % of the other ideologies hates it ! For example :

  • Centrists are disgusted by Quarkism's radicality
  • LibRights call Quarkism " Administrative Hell " for being too implicated into the citizen's lifes to guarantee their good living
  • LibLefts say Quarkism is the combinaison of every authoritarian shit
  • AuthRights hate Quarkism's despiction for monarchism
  • AuthLefts rejects Quarkism for putting apart socialism
  • Anti - centrists bash Quarkism for taking elements from all of the quadrants
  • Progressives insults Quarkism for being anti - LGBT and anti - drugs
  • Moderates repulse Quarkism because of it's combinaison of conservatism and progressism
  • Conservatives spit on Quarkism's irrevecence towards religion



  • Soc.png Socialism - You have good ideas, but you don't seem to apply them very well.
  • Christy.png Theocracy - You are right about restricting rights, but religion, really ?
  • Prog.png Progressivism - There are some place for change, but leave me alone with your LGBT propaganda !
  • Nazi.png Nazism - Strong economy, religion ban, banned for saying edgy things . . . Good start but not enough
  • Juche.png Juche - Abandon communism and dictatorship and join me !



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